Why My Treadmill Turns on But Buttons Don’t Work?

As you know by now, the treadmills are highly adjustable. Using the buttons, you can incline the path, decline it, increase the speed, track and check the overall progress and do lots of other stuff.

In other words, without the buttons working, the whole thing becomes unusable. However, there are cases where the treadmill turns on, but buttons don’t work. And as you have clicked on this article, we are sure that you have the same issue.

But do not worry, we are going to state the reasons and give you some solutions regarding it. So, just continue reading and read till the end of this article.

What Is Making the Treadmill Buttons Not to Work?

Over time, many things can happen to electronic devices. They can have power problems, the voltage regulator might get busted, the circuits might have some power delivery issues, and many other things might happen. These machines are surely not built to last forever.

In most cases, when treadmill buttons don’t work, the issue is primarily power-related. And if the issue is too severe, the whole thing might stop working. When that happens, the repair cost would be comparatively high.

But as you have a case where the treadmill turns on but won’t run, or it runs, but the buttons do not work, we believe there is no severe issues. And it would be possible to fix it by yourself.

Treadmill Not Working, What to Do?

Are the treadmill console buttons not working? Are you wondering what you should do now? Well, we are going to answer that question in this segment. We will also describe some of the things that you can do to fix the whole problem.

Reset Button

Do treadmills have a reset button? Yes, most of them do! The button will be on the very back of the console. However, if the console is not working at all, the chances are that the reset button will do nothing. But it will be worth a try.

Locate the button first. Go to the back of the console and look for a hole. If you can not find one, take the manual out and go through the troubleshooting segment. It should be mentioned there. Some of the manuals will even include pictures.

After locating the button, take something thin enough to go through the hole. We would recommend using a toothpick as it will not conduct electricity.

But Screwdrivers with small heads will also work. Fit it through the hole and gently push it. You will feel a click, which will indicate that the button is pressed.

Now, check whether the problem of treadmill console buttons not working still persists or not. If it is still behaving the same way, move along to the next steps.

Check the Safety Key

Some of the advanced treadmills are going to have a safety key. When that key is activated, it will turn on but will not work. So, we would recommend checking whether your case of treadmill stopped working suddenly is because of that or not.

Again, to check the location of the safety key, go through the manual. If there is one, the manual should state it. It will also give you the location of the key.

Once you find it, check whether it is activated or not. If you find it activated for some reason, turn the key to the opposite side.

Once the key is off, press the buttons and see if the treadmill is responding accordingly or not. If the problem of the treadmill not working is still there, go through the final step below.

Reset the Power

The last thing that you would need to do is reset the power. Here, locate the power cord and follow it to the power outlet. Turn the switch off and pull the plug out and leave it out for a while. Then, plug it back inside and turn the switch back on.

Make your way to the treadmill and check if it has turned on or not. If it does not turn on, the problem is with the power delivery system. And that would need extensive repairs.

Now, if the treadmill does turn on, but the buttons are still not working, you would need to contact the manufacturer.

If the warranty period is not over, claim it and get yourself a replacement. However, if the period is over, you would need to pay for the repairs.

Final Words

The case of the treadmill turns on but buttons don’t work is not that uncommon, and it happens pretty often.

In most cases, a reset of the power fixes it, but it might not work for all. And the last resort would always be to contact the manufacturer and ask for repairs.

But we hope that the steps that we described above fixed your treadmill and you did not have to opt for the last resort.

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