I Can Only Do 2 Minutes on the Elliptical – What Is the Average Elliptical Workout Time?

Even though the elliptical workout is super popular, most people don’t know about it in detail. There are always some confusing thoughts regarding this exercise method, and someone is always looking for answers.

As I have been doing elliptical workouts regularly, people around me are always asking questions about it. Queries such as what is the average elliptical workout time, I can only do 2 minutes on the elliptical, are pretty common!

Therefore, to give you the ultimate answers and inspire you to try this exercise, I have prepared this quick guide. In this article, you will get all your solutions and add this workout to your daily routine in no time!

I Can Only Do 2 Minutes on the Elliptical

What Should Be the Average Elliptical Workout Time?

There is no doubt that the Elliptical workout is one of the best cardio exercises you can pick to achieve better health. But if you start doing it wrong, you will undoubtedly face some side effects.

Therefore, you need to know how long you can use the elliptical machine to stay healthy. But what is the average time?

To stay fit, you should spend at least 150 minutes on the elliptical machine per week. So if you workout five days a week, you have to spend around 30 minutes on this workout routine.

It may sound like a lot of work to you as a beginner, and that’s pretty normal, to be honest. But there is nothing to be afraid of, and you can start your journey from 15-20 minutes per day.

First of all, if you don’t want to get any break and would like to exercise every day, you can easily workout for 10 minutes in the beginning. Then you can gradually increase your time by three-five minutes.

Moreover, you can take a break after fifteen minutes of workout, which is totally fine. And once you start doing this 30 minutes a day, nothing can stop you from being fit, trust me!

So if you can spend only two minutes on this machine, it’s not going to be enough. Hence, set your goal and work on increasing your workout sessions for the best experience.

How to Workout on an Elliptical Machine?

If you want to burn the maximum amount of calories, you need to make sure that you utilize every minute perfectly on the machine.

When you start exercising, spend your first 3-5 minutes at a leisurely pace and then gradually increase the intensity. While working out, do not hold the handrails for balance. You have to work your upper body while striding on the elliptical machine.

In this way, you can ensure the highest efficiency of your workout session.

Moreover, whenever you feel breathless, go easy on yourself and decrease the speed a little bit. You should be working out fast but still be able to talk; that’s how you need to stride while doing this exercise.

Here are some tips that you can follow to get the best result out of your elliptical workout.

Discover Your Rhythm

Working out on an elliptical machine is just like dancing. There is a rhythm to it that makes it more enjoyable than running on the treadmill!

You can play your favorite song and increase your speed decrease with the music. In this way, you can exercise more effectively without getting fatigued.

Don’t Resist the Resistance

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while doing this exercise is that striding with low resistance. The workout session will become very easy if you do so, but you won’t get any benefits out of it!

Therefore, you will always have to feel the tension while pushing and pulling the pedals and handlebar. Otherwise, you will never get any benefits from this wonderful workout regime!

Add Breaks

Whenever you feel out of breath or a little tired, you can take 30 seconds to 2-minute break. It won’t mess up with your calorie burning, and you will get back your energy to exercise again.

The Benefits of Elliptical Workout

An elliptical workout is a type of cardio but still provides some greater benefits than the usual ones. So what makes it popular home exercise equipment? Let’s take a look at that!

Increases Your Endurance

The elliptical machine allows you to do an intense cardio workout. When you are doing this exercise, your heart and lungs tend to work more efficiently to supply oxygen to your body.

Therefore, your endurance and stamina are automatically increased, and you can prepare for a more intense workout.

Burn Your Calories Quickly

If you are looking for ways to burn your calories in the shortest amount of time, there is no better way than this elliptical workout! Depending on the intensity of your activity, you can burn up to 400 calories just in 30 minutes. How amazing is that?

Good for Both Upper and Lower Body

There aren’t many exercises that will provide benefits for both your upper and lower body parts. But the elliptical workout is excellent for your whole body, so it’s an all-in-one fitness regime. So if you don’t have much time to spend exercises, this workout routine can change your life!

Wrap Up

After facing tons of questions, such as tell us about the average elliptical workout time, I can only do 2 minutes on the elliptical; I was inspired to write this workout guide for you. Hopefully, you have got your answers, and now you can start working out to get the physique of your dreams!

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