How to Move a Peloton Treadmill

Moving any furniture or large equipment from your present home to another new place is always stressful and hectic. If you think about your peloton treadmill moving, it might seem a very chaotic process with a lot of work. But trust me, it is not always like that.

By the end of this article, you will get to know some convenient methods and guidelines so that you can move your peloton treadmill easily and safely without any hassle.

Why Is It Difficult?

You might think – what is so different about moving a peloton treadmill. Is the peloton treadmill easy to move? The answer is partially “no”.

If you are a workout enthusiast and use most of the gym equipment at home, you might have noticed that moving a peloton is comparatively more difficult than other known equipment. But why so? Yeah, we are here with the answer.

  • A peloton treadmill is like a combination of a proton bike and a running treadmill. So, it is quite heavier than a regular treadmill. It requires more than one person to carry while shifting or moving.
  • The major cause behind the stress and tension of moving a peloton treadmill is the assembling and disassembling process.

Generally, most of the brands don’t support their peloton treadmill being assembled and installed by the consumers. Because the assembling process is a bit tricky and it is definitely a better option to call a professional for this task.

  • Improper process of moving a peloton treadmill could lead to equipment failure along with damage of working capability.
Peloton Treadmill

Moving a Peloton Treadmill

For a safer moving process, do follow the essential guidelines discussed below so that nothing unexpected happens and things get relatively easier.

Start with the Manual

Every peloton treadmill comes with a manual or guide with various instructions, including the setup and maintenance process. Read the peloton tread manual and notice if there are any instructions about moving it to another place. If you think that some instructions are there which you need to consider, then go for those ones.

Contact a Mover

While you contact a moving company, tell them about your sensitive gym equipment and ask if there is any expertise to disassemble and assemble your peloton treadmill. It will be a better option to contact a peloton moving service treadmill as they are much experienced in this field.


Before you start the moving process, make sure to turn the power off. Give necessary time to your movers while disassembling the treadmill. It will be convenient to move if the small parts are separated first and the larger ones later. Before going for the tread, it is better to read the instructions about how to roll peloton tread.

Final Assembling

After you have moved your peloton treadmill to your new place, assemble it properly, and make sure that the floor doesn’t get scratched or damaged while moving it.

Now you are ready to go! Take proper care of your treadmill and store it smart.

Final Words

Your peloton treadmill moving experience will definitely go well, and you might not have any difficulties with the following procedures. Hope this article helps!

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