Can I Plug a Treadmill into a Surge Protector?

Electrical treadmills are very handy machines to have for fitness exercises. However, like all electrical equipment, they are vulnerable to sudden changes in voltage which can damage them. So, it is natural to ask, can I plug a treadmill into a surge protector?

Although the short answer is yes, there is more to it. There are some reasons why using a surge protector with a treadmill is not the best idea. We’ll discuss that in this article.

Why Use a Surge Protector for Your Treadmill?

The job of a surge protector is to prevent transient or rapidly changing voltages from damaging electrical equipment. An electrical treadmill is particularly vulnerable to such changes, as it can affect the performance and cause it to speed up or slow down abruptly.

Such a thing can cause damage to your treadmill in the long run and pose a hazard.

A surge protector is a useful safety measure that can help prolong an equipment’s lifespan. The computer or console of many treadmills has a very sensitive electrical circuit.

Small surges in electricity can easily damage the computer or console, which can make it unresponsive and display wrong information. These can be expensive to repair or change, which is why surge protectors are often seen as valuable, especially for more expensive models.

What Type of Surge Protector to Use?

The type of surge protector you need will depend on the ampere rating of your treadmill. Most treadmills draw 20 Amps, so you will need a surge protector that works with that rating.

A few models can draw more current due to their more complex systems, which will require you to invest in stronger or more expensive surge protectors.

Some people also ask “Can you plug a treadmill into an extension cord and use it with a surge protector?” Yes, you can, but the extension cord needs to be grounded and of thick wire gauge, or the power drawn can cause it to burn.

What Are the Problems with Surge Protectors?

As useful as surge protectors are, there are some problems you can encounter when using them with electrical treadmills. While surge protectors protect an appliance from electrical fluctuations, they aren’t immune to said fluctuations.

This is important because, for a piece of electrical equipment like a treadmill, the amount of power drawn varies depending on the load on the drive motor.

With such fluctuating power demands, the surge protector can have difficulty keeping up. This issue is further pronounced if the treadmill motor is older, which can cause larger fluctuations.

The surge protector can interpret these changes wrongly and end up tripping, which can cause the power to go out. This will cause the treadmill to suddenly stop, which can be dangerous and cause a major accident.

Another problem is that surge protector strips often have other appliances connected to them instead of having separate surge protectors.

If the treadmill is connected to a strip that has other appliances, the fluctuations from the treadmill can affect the other appliances and cause the circuit to overload, which is a massive danger.

How to Ensure Safety with a Surge Protector?

Aside from making sure you have the correct surge protector and proper wires to connect it, make sure the circuit is isolated. Only have the treadmill connected to the surge protector strip and no other appliances. This minimizes the risks of overloading and doesn’t pose as much of a hazard.

Alternatives to Using a Surge Protector

If you feel like the risks of using a surge protector are too much, you don’t have to use it. There are some easy ways to keep your treadmill protected.

The easiest way is to keep your treadmill unplugged when not in use. Some common questions that arise are “Should I unplug my treadmill when not in use?” and “Do treadmills need to be plugged in when not in use?” The answer is that you should keep your treadmill unplugged if you are not using it.

In addition to protecting it from transient voltages, it also ensures fewer tripping hazards.


To answer the question ‘Can I plug a treadmill into a surge protector?’, yes, you can. But you need to take proper precautions and isolate the circuit to prevent any accidents.

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